Adjusting expectations…

An Inspiring story to get our blog started. Language is all about communication and this story shares factors that sometimes we do not consider when talking to our students, like it being too difficult to explain so the children just say yes.

Having worked in schools where we have been that teacher and seen the child say yes, but witness the blankness behind the words and wondered what to do, and then, how do we get support demonstrates clearly the reason for EMASUK. We want everyone to be able to communicate on a daily level, in ordinary circumstances. Our solution is to create resources and tools that does just that allow the teacher to be able to communicate in more than the language they know and understand and the same for the learner.
Equally this is the same in business where you may need to talk to a supplier in another country, or the health service talking to patients, the police talking to suspected criminals or the local council offices where someone has moved into the area and they need help with housing etc. the possibilities are endless.


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