Save Money and Time on translation Services

Presently, the translation industry is quite disorganised in the sense that there are immense job opportunities in the corporate as well as government sectors but the supply of skilled and efficient manpower to fill the vacancies is lacking. The novice translators with inappropriate training and partial understanding of language do more harm than good in their field of work,” says Sandeep Nulkar, CMD BITS Private Limited,

I could not agree more some organisations pay a lot of money for transaltors in the belief that they are getting good value for money.  In my experience that is fine when the person is trained, knows their language well and is unbiased.  Day by day we hear more stories of the Police, NHS and teachers paying thousands of pounds to translators only to find that they have sided with the criminal and not supported the police, or given inaccurate accounts of information nurses have asked to be conveyed to patients.  Quite apart from the time it can take to wait for an appropriate translator to arrive  and the cost to the organisation in the intervening times I am not sure why everyone still continues to do exactly what has been done before rather than looking for a more personal solution.

Here at EMASUK we have tried to bridge the gap, and support vulnerable people with a cost effective solution that not only saves money in translation costs, but also saves time and makes the victim, learner or customer feel more cared for, and the officer or frontline staff confidence and have the feeling of being back in charge. This simple solution used effectively can save time and support frontline staff who can be faced with a person who pretends not to speak English, there will be no loophole for them. With our systems it is possible to communicate effectively and capture those safeguarding moments, or initial answers to questions, thereby ensuring valuable time is not lost in the waiting process. Newport City Council is one such council that is offering our service to support their interactions with new arrivals or those who speak little or no English. We are hoping that others will follow their lead.

Local councils use EMASUK resources to communicate with New arrivals or those with little or no English.


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