Sending information home in many languages

I was amazed by the brilliantly vibrant newsletters that I received from one of our member schools this week. They used Text Tutor to translate their newsletter.  It was all the more amazing because this months magazine to all of our members, talks about our help sheets and looks at how our resources can be used in schools to personalise letters, newsletters, assessments etc to themselves. The help sheets were on the use of Powerpoint to create resources and with a bit of cut and pasting inclusive material can be made easily.

It is also nice to see the newsletters from this school as last term they were awarded our centre of excellence award. The award is given to a school that demonstrates outstanding support to their EAL pupils, their staff and the community. John says that ‘In three years it has only been given out twice, because we want to make sure the chosen schools are demonstrating excellent practice.’

Here are the examples of the newsletters. The newsletters go out to all parents in their home language and English to help promote literacy in both English and the home language.

Newsletter 1

and now the same but just in a different language

Newsletter 2

Below are some examples of the same newsletter again in different languages but for the start of term.  Again bright, vibrant and it shouts out Please read me.

Newsletter Russian

Newsletter English

and finally

Newsletter Chinese

If anyone else has examples of how they have used our resources please share with liz


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