EMAS UK Timeline of Success

When we created EMAS UK we had an idea of wanting to make every child’s experience of school positive. This was especially true of the newly arrived non-English speaking children.They arrived in the country and very often were taken to school the next morning, disorientated, scared, unable to communicate and left with strangers. Vulnerable children in a vulnerable group left without the support that we would expect if it was our children starting somewhere new. We wanted to give them a voice. We knew that we couldn’t reach every child but we could reach every school and so the support had to be school based. To do this we created tools for teachers to help with the first moments and then deliver lessons that would make a positive difference to learning. I always wonder whether we are achieving this, and then I get snippets of information back that make me think we are winning,  if only very slowly and in little pockets.

Last summer, EMAS UK has had its first school achieve 100% level 4 in KS2 SATs in a school that is 97% EAL.
Last month, EMAS UK has had its first school inspected under the new Ofsted criteria to achieve a ‘GOOD’ rating.
Last week, EMAS UK had reports of children starting to structuring sentences in only 4 weeks due to its revolutionary communications tools.
Last term, EMAS UK has teachers rating their INSET training on EAL support as ‘highly recommended’ and would like more in the future
Last term, EMAS UK has schools requesting further support after they have undertaken the school audit by its award winning staff.

This term we go on and try even harder aiming to ensure that no child ever misses the chance to receive the help they need.


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