Sharing how we use EMASUK

For new users to EMASUK you may not be aware of how you can use the talking technologies, tools and resources.  Here is a letter from one of our schools talking us through the first few weeks of how they used the system.  If you have tried these or have similar ideas please share below.

Dear Liz,

Thank you for your email regarding our use of the EMAS program here at Tennyson Road Primary  School. I am delighted to be able to share with you a brief account of our experience with this program so far………………

This translation program helps us hugely as a vital communication tool with our parents that have English as a second language.

As you can probably appreciate, we send out endless letters and updates to our parents at all times during the week, often asking for important feedback from them in writing. This program allows us to offer a line of clear communication to our EAL parent’s, adding clarity to sometimes difficult situations and important documents.

Each document that is prepared using Word (in English) can be easily cut and pasted into the EMAS Text Tutor Program. Although whilst doing this, be aware that languages which use symbols as their alphabet, can often become confused by translating the whole document. We therefore do these particular ones by individual paragraph (i.e. Chinese).

Also, a small tip: – whilst cutting and pasting a document it is always worth inserting a desired symbol (which can be deleted afterwards) where the paragraph ends. This is recommended as EMAS only copies and presents one continual paragraph, making it hard to decipher!

The Talking Tutor element of the program is simply brilliant in the way that it allows you to communicate your thoughts/instructions in person directly to the parent. It then relays your typed text in sound, in their own language! The parent can be prompted to respond either by typing their reply or speaking to you!

To summarise: this programme not only assists hugely with communication but alleviates frustration and confusion from both sides!

Many Thanks for this feedback and we look forward to sharing more ideas as it gets embedded into the school.





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