Sharing how we use EMASUK 2

I received a lovely email today from Diana asking if I could share this information.  I am only happy to do so that all users can benefit and get greater use out of their tools and resources. Diana asked for a copy of the help sheet mentioned in the monthly e-zine which we duly sent her and this was her response.

I love the idea that the Humanities department are also using the resources to benefit their children. It doesn’t have to only be used by EAL  or MFL departments it can be used across the curriculum, and this is the way that both John and I forsaw it being used when we first discussed the concept.

If you would also like a free copy of the ezine or our special Christmas present of  individual teacher membership and access to the resource vault for £49.00 (ex vat) instead of the usual £129 then contact or 0845 009 4939. 

Hi Liz

Thank you so much for the information you sent it has been very useful. The first impressions sheet particularly has been a great source of information. In the Humanities department of my school on the notice board each month I will display a Country of the Month. The information on the sheet can be used to promote a different country. My school is a predominately white middle-class school the notice board can give the students an opportunity to learn about different  countries and their cultures.

Many thanks


If you have any suggestions for teachers sharing how you use any of the EMAS tools or resources please comment or like Diana email me at


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