Reading comprehension for Sweet tooth (Ch4 and 5)

Good literacy reading comprehension for the Sweet Tooth story.


Look at chapters 4 and 5 of Sweet tooth. Complete these sentences using either ‘before’ or ‘after’

1. ______ Wendy reached the top of the stairs, she listened but heard no sound.

2. Wendy wondered if she had made a mistake with the date of the appointment ______ she opened the dentist’s door.

3. ______ a loud buzzer sounded on the receptionist’s desk, the woman told Wendy to go in and see the dentist.

4. Wendy felt a little nervous ______ she went in to see the dentist.

5. Wendy thought the woman looked like a raven ______ she went in to see the dentist.

6. ______ the woman reassured Wendy, Wendy noticed that the woman had sharp teeth.

7. ______ the dentist appeared, Wendy thought about leaving.

8. The dentist pulled over a large light ______ he began to examine Wendy’s teeth.

9. ______ the dentist said ‘Streptococcus mutans’, he…

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