EMASUK Translation Products Enable SMT on the Desktop

For the rest of us this means that we can easily use statistical machine translation (SMT) technologies or  Talking Tutor, Text Tutor, and Two Can Talk in Education and Clairetalk in the NHS on a daily basis. Due to their design that is fit for purpose a clean, familiar configuration metaphor simplifies all stages of the Machine Translation operations and allows cross-platform support. 

All  these tools are 21st century professional machine translation products that address the challenges of translation quality, time-to-market, usability, data security and cost. These are all things that we need on a daily basis especially when budgets needs to be cut but provision is kept the same or improved without losing quality within a sphere where global migration and localisation needs are getting greater.


Communicate across languages with EMASUK SMT’s

As in the story below our system also offers customisation, data protection and saves customers from the expertise and necessary expense of complex software installations due to its web base.

New desktop software addresses the challenges of translation quality, time-to-market, usability, data security and cost in a localization market growing at an unrelenting pace.

A similar system to ours from Taiwan also suggests that this type of  system supports the demands for accurate corporate, marketing, support and other communications across international borders between customers and suppliers in any language and  continues to grow at an unrelenting pace. Translation professional, including content owners, language service providers and translators, now see machine translation, popularized by public translation portals like Google Translate and Bing Translator, as a viable tool to reduce time-to-market with quality translations in automated production environments.

These tools offer varying degrees of customization and data protection not available through the public portals. They also shield users from challenges such as complex software installations and technical expertise required to deploy and operate open source academic research software for commercial use..

The products simplify SMT operations, directly access public corpora, improve training corpora preparation, integrate machine translation into production work-flows, manage SMT system resources, and much more. The products also address the root security concerns expressed by translation professionals.

If you would like more information contact www.emasuk.com 0845 009 4939 or info@emasuk.com


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