Literacy – Using The Hobbit as a starting point

Starting a topic or new concept can be difficult but with the use of a book as a starting point the opportunities are endless.

The Hobbit – Taiwan

Take this recent article about the Hobbit and its different illustrations depending on where it was published. What a great way to develop EAL childrens English learning by taking a text that they can use in their preferred language and then read in English.  You can choose and then use a relevant  sentence to show the different way  a sentence is made up depending on the language it is written in – great for MFL teaching.  I couldn’t get my head around the change of a sentence when learning French and I am sure I was not the only one.

The Hobbit front cover – Swedish

The Hobbit – Serbian

In Art celebrate language diversity by using these covers as a starting point to creating their own book about themesleves when new arrivals or to record their favourite fairy story from their culture, to eventually writing a short story in English. You could also celebrate the alphabet of your students by illustrating the different alphabets so that visually everyone can see that the phonics and letters are different. It makes language learning less scary for children.

Czech Hobbit

       Cover for Czech edition, by Jiri Salamoun.

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