Research – EMASUK recognises that not all language learners are at the same linguistic level so our tools and resources ensure language learners experience natural communicative input.

Stephen Krashen writes that in his research that he has found that to improve language skills children and adults progress at differing rates.  This is not new to any teacher I know, but he further goes on to say that in this case we should ensure they have what he calls natural communicative input. This is great to hear because this is exactly what we do.  We have created the tools and resources needed by educators and employers to ensure that each learns uniquely and in their personal context. This is a whole new different concept but used well as many of users do, it supports prior language learning ( usually in their primary tongue), in line with their current conceptual learning (in the new language)  to ensure future knowledge. By doing this we are able to ensure learning in which each learner receives an input appropriate for their linguistic competence.


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