Silence in court when the interpreter does not turn up

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Now and then I have offered my opinion that HMCTS is treating magistrates as if they are unpaid employees.  The Senior Presiding Judge in collusion with a secretive committee of   bench chairmen and of course the usual suspects of the Magistrates` Association last August declared that blogging by magistrates should stop on pain of fire and brimstone raining down upon our heads.  It has long been apparent {to me at least} that the actions of the Ministry of Justice over the last decade point to  government`s  wish to reduce the function of J.P.s to that of local conciliatory practitioners in a system variously described as neighbourhood  or local justice thus leaving the lower courts to be presided over by professional single judges over whom of course there will be a much greater deal of control than can be effected over my colleagues and me simply because we are financially independent of government largesse.

It seems that efforts to stifle magistrates` opinions and bend them to the will of Whitehall go much deeper than previously suspected the catalyst for this revelation published  in Exarco being the almighty fiasco of interpreter services to the courts under the new contract with Capita plc.

It seems that hardly a week goes by without a confirmed story of corruption, ineptitude or cover up somewhere high up in a public service.  We might not yet be a banana republic but headlines of pregnant princesses cannot keep all the truth off the front pages.  Only kowtowing to Leveson and the totem of “the victim” will do that.

Is this really the best service we can offer in the UK? I think not just that people are not thinking outside the box properly. The tendering process defaults to those large companies many from overseas that can cut out UK firms. The cost of the trial just escalates and who pays for that  I guess it comes form the public purse rather than fining the company who have not provided the service adequately. Finally what about the victim and accused if they are innocent this dragging of heels does their self esteem amental health, nd mental health no favours.


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