Ed Milliband – Lets help new arrivals speak English quickly

The heading could simply have said EMASUK – Lets help new arrivals speak English quickly as we have said repeatedly over the past three years let find ways of shortening their advancement to communicate effectively in our countries languge.   By using our resources learners can learn in context and with the aid of the PDF and phrasebook manager you can keep a record of the meeting and the most common words/sentences in What is also useful with both Claire Talk and Talking tutor is that you can also keep the home language alive so there is not the risk as before of losing the mother tongue which was the fear. Dont take our word for it listen to Jason Smith Head Teacher at a Birmingham school at  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zIr-UXHu9Gw and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VlyKdxULpwo or read our other posts on how we use EMASUK where our users share their views of how it improves their learning.  For Claire Talk see a case study at http://www.dnmconsultancy.co.uk/clairetalk/casestudysummary/ and new information http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-coventry-warwickshire-15171435

Ed Milliband has three priorities;

• English language teaching for newcomers to Britain will be prioritised ahead of funding for what he regards as non-essential written translation materials.

• A requirement that exists in many professions for employees to have English language proficiency will be extended to all publicly funded jobs in which staff interact with members of the public.

• Schools and parents will be encouraged to share responsibility for helping foreign-born children by including statements on English language learning within Home School Agreements.

Part of todays speech which relates to Education, Health and Legal as well as Council services.

In order to protect English language teaching, some local authorities have looked to reduce the cost of translation services.

Of course essential translation services, including interpreters in our courts and hospitals, must have their role.

But English language must be the priority.

In a world where there is less money around, more of a priority than many written translation materials.

And English language is particularly important for the next generation.

In schools, teaching of English as an additional language is essential.

And the earlier that support is given the better for all the children in a school.

Where there are Home School Agreements, English language learning should be included.

Which too often doesn’t happen at the moment.

That would ensure that both schools and parents share the responsibility for helping foreign-born children learn how to speak English.

see the whole of the speech at http://www.politics.co.uk/comment-analysis/2012/12/14/ed-miliband-immigration-speech-in-ful

This fits with the Guardian news story which confirms that Labour wants Staff in all publicly funded jobs who interact with members of the public will have to show proficiency in the English language under a Labour government said Ed Milliband today and further says that he will will make proficiency in the English language a key priority for a future Labour government, which would seek to achieve what he calls a “connected nation” rather than a “segregated one”.



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