Learn all the words you need to sit exams and tests in English / Lithuanian

************************  NEW BOOK *************************

EXAM SUCCESS English/Lithuanian.

It always amazes me when I open the post and out tumbles a book written and produced by John and myself with translators or guest authors. I am thankful to everyone that has helped us on our journey to ensure that we can between us create, write, design, print and publish. I was particularly excited today as out tumbled the new Exam Success book in Dual language Text to support bilingual learners wishing to learn English and also wanting to sit English written examination papers. It is of course not the first title  as we have luckily already published a few languages including; English only, French, Gujarati, Polish and Chinese Mandarin… to see the full list  of  titles here:


Exam Success - English/LithuanianLearn all the words needed to sit exams and tests in English.

Exam Success – English/Lithuanian
Learn all the words needed to sit exams and tests in English.

The title and written information does talk about GCSE success but the examples are necessary to all  academic learning. It is written in the guise that anyone sitting any exam needing Examination terminology and its understanding will find something useful within the pages.

Every child that sits their GCSE has the same battle, understanding the questions. This is even more difficult if their first language is not English, research has shown that it takes twice as long to answer questions due to the translation and deciphering of terminology. This book supports non English speaking examinees with a simple to understand booklet showing and explaining the term then giving actual exam questions to develop understanding and clarify the response.

Each book’s  RRP (recommended retail price)  is £20.00 and with the exception of Pip we want to give everyone a discount consequently we have lowered the price to £15.00 for people using the EMASUK website .

To order contact Carolyn at info@emasuk.com or phone her to order on 0845 009 4939


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