2013 will be the year that translation and localization truly evolves.

Good news for businesses translation is changing as is the way we think about it.  According to an article in Wired The beginning of 2013 marks a new evolution in translation.  They predict 2013 will see companies making different uses of currenta nd new to market Statistical machine translation and the use of the Cloud. They write that companies used to translate content one document at a time, and now the cloud will enable bulk translations and easy scalability, and also that businesses must translate content into 48 languages if they want to address 98
percent of global online users.

These results can already be seen by the way users are now using the bespoke solution Talking Tutor, Two Can Talk and ClaireTalk to communicate with patients, customers, parents and children.  For example in face to face initial meeting it ensures that both parties can communicate with each other in real time, with no waiting and at a realistic price.

Wired predictions are:

Prediction #1: Companies Will Integrate Translation Into Their Global

Prediction #2: Enterprises Will Optimize Translation and Localization Across
Web, Social and Mobile Channels

Prediction #3: Cloud-Based Analytics will Become Essential to

2012: The End of the World for Translation As We Knew It

To be part of the change and make your business translation ready or for more information on EMASUK’s bespoke translation service including the hand held communicator  I Can Talk to recently showcased on Simon Mayo’s R2 drivetiem innovation slot contact us at www.emasuk.com  or info@emasuk.com


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