Can you imagine the loss felt by a child when they leave what they know and those they love.

ImageAlmost 2 years ago at I met a wonderful lady called Anne Curtis, she writes books. We sat down together and I asked her if she would write a book for me. A book that helped others understand the emotions felt by a child when they moved to another place or left their home. Anne created a story for me called ‘Pip’. Pip comes from another world and speaks a different language, as so many of our new arrival do. The story looks at the emotions around the move from sadness, confusion, loss and fear to building the positiveness that comes with acceptance, peer friendships, family harmony and the blending of both worlds.

The book uses simple language to portray the emotions in terms that can be understood by everyone. Pip is exclusive to EMAS UK and a short video of the book is on You Tube if you would like to see how powerful an impact a few words, stunning graphics and a talent for immotive words can have.

This book is now available in over 20 languages as bilingual text giving home language readers the opportunity to read it alongside English language readers.

The book can be bought from EMAS UK using the website link


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