Facebook – Snow Maths Challenge

My favourite post this week was the free worksheet for this week.  All over the UK the news reports have been about snow and schools closing, whilst others remain open so I thought lets use this scarce resource and see what we can do to incorporate numeracy into building snowmen. It can be used anywhere in the world where there is snow.

I set a maths challenge to use a snowman or men to measure their sizes and then when inside the classroom for the children to measure themselves and create  a graph of their class findings. https://www.facebook.com/EMASUK?ref=hl

After thinking more about and discussing we have come up with these suggestions to do with your learners:

Measure yourself in your normal school uniform then measure yourself with your outside warm clothes on.  Think about if you could put a number on how much warmer you feel what number would it be?

If you want to be warmer how much warmer do you want to be? so how many more clothes do you need to put on?

Put the thermometer on your jumper and measure the temperature, now put your coat on and wait 5 minutes. Has the temperature got higher or lower?

Now take the coat off has the number changed and how long did it take?

Think of a snowman that you want to keep until spring, what would be the best way to keep it cool so that it didn’t melt? Experiment with an ice cube and find the best way of keeping the ice cube cold for longest. Does wrapping it up warm help? or does leaving it on a surface help?

Whilst talking through this maybe some of the children can talk about what they remember in their country and whether snowmen are traditional or let them tell you about what is traditional for them.  They may have some good traditions that everyone may want to participate in. If they write it all up then that can support literacy as well.


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