EMAS UKs approach is being recognised at last

Chris and I created EMAS UK with the plan of making a positive difference. People questioned our approach as we wanted to value every language and supported keeping the person’s homelanguage alive while they learnt English. Now that approach is being recognised at last with other organisations now saying the same thing. Below are a few of our success points over the last year or so.

Last Summer, EMAS UK has had its first school achieve 100% level 4 in KS2 SATs in a school that is over 40% EAL.

Last Month, EMAS UK has had its first school inspected under the new Ofsted criteria to achieve a good rating.
Last Week, EMAS UK has reports of children started structuring sentences in only 4 weeks due to its revolutionary communications tools.
Last Term, EMAS UK has teachers rating their INSET training on EAL support as highly recommended.
Last Term, EMAS UK has schools requesting further support after they have undertaken the school audit by its award winning staff.

None of this seems ground breaking but when you think that there is a person at the end of every story and it can change their lives then it really matters. As we have always said ‘Every Language Matters’.


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