Improve sales by understanding your clients socio-economic and cultural backgrounds.

Knowledge Share - Albanian

Knowledge Share – Albanian

Our unique knowledge shares saves time on individuals researching for themselves to be able to use for clients, learners or patients.

Everything you need to start on one page.

For Businesses

It supports you by advising how to address your clients, the language spoken and religions. Together with this it gives information re. Climate and natural terrains.  This is useful if you are visiting the country and also for market research pre-business meeting so that you are aware of how your product may be marketed in the country as well as the sorts of things that would affect the people e.g. it no good marketing skiing products if there are no slopes to ski on, or no good selling a earthquake devices if there are no earthquakes. On the other hand you could find the next country or those around it have similar terrain etc. thus opening up that market to you.

For Health service Providers

Understanding where a patient comes from gives the health care professional the opportunity to tailor conversations, treatments and access to their individual needs.  For example understanding the religions of the country means that they are aware if the patient arrives there may be a major Muslim population which helps in finding the appropriate foods and time for prayer. In other cases understanding climates can often result in understanding the foods and types of foods that the patients is used to eating.

Understanding the climate opens up an investigative channel that can result in tropical disease being more readily easily to accept than perhaps for a native UK resident. This is important for the doctor as understanding that TB is limited in the UK but prevalent in certain countries allows the health care professional to make the relevant investigations and help early diagnosis.


Understanding where the migrant population has come from in any country is important, for example, in Germany there is a large Turkish population that needs to be supported, the knowledge shares give educators in any country a brief background on the people that they have attending their schools and the option of providing more tailored support because of it.

For educators we also have a free help sheet in the resource vault to support you use of the Knowledge shares.

For more information contact us today +44 845 009 4939

This may seem impossible but in the EMAS UK resource library there is a 60 second synopsis on every country in the world. There’s also 200 languages of curriculum, PSHE and teacher resources. All of this for £129, £49 until the end of March.

To be able to access all this printable data call Debbie Mills on 0845 009 49 39 and purchase today. Don’t forget to ask for your free helpsheet.


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