Outdated strategies leaves people unsupported

I continue to read with sadness the recent reports about the courts and translation services. See the latest story at  http://www.parliament.uk/business/committees/committees-a-z/commons-select/justice-committee/news/interpreters-and-als-report/ what is sad to me is that there are too many people needing translators in court, yet the people making the decisions still use outdated strategies to fulfil a need that there are not the resources for.  Instead of looking at alternatives to lighten loads e.g. our Text system will alleviate some of the time needed to translate text in over 50 languages they continue to use too few people, to do too large a job.

With clever management and clear process it would be possible for the judicial service to see where our Talking system would help. By giving officials another tool to use in difficult times, for example where a conversation needs to happen but the languages of the two people are not similar, we can help alleviate stress and uncertainty. A classic example is when the person is first brought to custody, rather than waiting hours for an interpreter, use our text or talking system to converse with the person.  Gain valuable information quickly and then move on swiftly to the next level.  At interview before the need of a translator use Two Can Talk or Claire Talk with their unique bespoke system that allows you to keep a copy of the conversation via PDF.  For those on the move I Can Talk to provides the support needed to converse with the client.

As the world changes and people move around from country to country then this will continue to be an issue, so SMART targets and out of the box thinking will support everyone involved in conversations with others.

The same can be said in the Health Service where the hospital needs to gain patient information ClaireTalk is proving invaluable and helping the hospitals using it to save money without loss of service.

It reminds me of years previously when John suggested that it would be a good idea for all teachers to have laptops.  Many disagreed and argued against this, but twenty years on the same teachers, officials and parents would be arguing if you tried to take them away. I think this is probably the same and predict that in time we will all be mixing bespoke statistical Machine Translation Services and people with language skills as tools to get the job done, much the same as we do now with pencils, ICT personnel and laptops or tablets.



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