Bespoke Translation Services allows you to be in charge of your translation needs

“By delivering our bespoke market-leading technologies, and putting MT in the hands of users, we hope to provide the right technology and tools for every global communication need across any organization.”

Whatever organisation you work for there maybe times when you need some type of translation services.  To date the most commonly used are physical people i.e. translators and interpreters. However, the machine translation services sector  is growing at an enormous rate and this together with decreased confidence in translators and interpreters (due to the alarming court misinterpretation and lack of translators attending court when needed),  more people are looking for alternatives that are available instantly. Workers in many sectors including health and business are  finding that having a tool to hand that they can use instantly is very beneficial. At times this instant support can reduce both theirs and their customer stress when having a conversation. This together with the financial benefits of introducing this type of support which in all cases to date, has seen many companies, hospitals and schools make savings to current budgets without forgoing the level of service,  it is fast becoming the preferred option with many saying that this mixed resource solution puts the budget holder and CEO back in charge.

EMASUK has created two bespoke services that can be used in just such a  way.

First is the hand held device that is portable and can be used by those out in field.  With access to over 20 languages it speaks aloud in the language of choice to ensure your conversation is heard.

The second service is an internet hosted, computer based set of software that allows you to either give instructions, converse with a client or customer and record the details or  with the availability of over 50 languages the ability to create letters, documents etc. when you need them.

These are created to allow you the user more of the tools you need to do your job effectively.

To find out more contact us on 0845 862 5400 or email

WE look forward to hearing from you.


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