EMASUK Supporting Schools to improve their OFSTED rating

Would you like to obtain a good or outstanding judgement at Ofsted?

We are aware that many LA support staff are not available to support schools at present and would like to offer a solution to many of the school support issues that you face. With Ofsted currently looking at the provision for school support we are pleased to say that many of our school have received ‘good‘ and ‘outstanding’ in the new framework and some have achieved 100% level 4 Sats.


We offer differing levels of membership from bronze to gold, with personalised available on request.

Bronze:  from £49…

Access to our bilingual resource library for 12 months. Included in this are curriculum resources, translated letters, magazines and games.

Silver:  from £495…

Full access to the resource library above plus access to the award winning speaking translators. Used in schools around the UK to handle communication and conversations in over 25 languages, ‘A translator in every room, when you need one’ .


Gold: from £995…

To help embed the systems and tools into the school you receive, full access to the silver package plus a 2 hour INSET session on using EMAS UK and creating practical resources for use in the classroom.




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