Schools could do better with pupil premium, says Ofsted

A significant minority of schools in England are still not spending extra
funding for poor pupils effectively, warns an education inspectors’ report.   BBC News

This report highlights a recent OFSTED report which suggests that schools are not spending their pupil premium money effectively. I have to say that in schools where we are aware of how they are spending their pupil premium they are spending it effectively on services needed to close the gap.

Often we find that EMAS UK services are part of their schools solution to support and improve their pupils learning and schools can justify this with their own personalised tracking systems that show the benefits to the pupils and their community..

Some examples of how the tools are beneficial are listed below;

Two Can Talk and Talking Tutor

These have been used successfully to;

  1. support learners in the class with their peers
  2. support the children when working in small groups
  3. support the school when working with the parents to build the Home/School Partnership


Resource Library

The resource library has been successful in supporting curriculum activities to reduce planning giving teachers increased time to work with the children.

Text Tutor

Text Tutor has been successfully used to allow the teacher and teacher assistant to create bilingual resources that are personal and appropriate to their school, as well as having the advantage of using the first language as a bridge to the second thereby reducing the time to learn English.

Hopefully this improved tracking and closure of the gap  that we are currently seeing with member schools will mean that Michael Wilshaw will have more good practice examples to give similar to the ones below.


“Following my criticism of schools last year, it is clear more schools are now taking their responsibilities seriously when it comes to using the Pupil Premium money and our inspectors have found evidence of some very good practice in their recent visits,” said Sir Michael.

“Crucially, many of these good schools are concentrating on the core areas of literacy and numeracy to break down the main barriers to accessing the full curriculum. They are also focusing on the key stages of a child’s development in their school career.

“However, some schools still lack good enough systems for tracking the spending of the additional funding or for evaluating the effectiveness of measures they have put in place in terms of improving outcomes.”

hopefully he will have less need to criticise the practice of inadequate spending policies similar to those he has targeted saying;

According to the report schools which did less well often showed “a lack of
clarity about the intended impact of the spending”, did not monitor the effect
properly and often spent the cash “indiscriminately on teaching assistants”.







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