Congratulations Gladstone Primary School

Congratulations to one of our member schools Gladstone Primary.


Delighted pupils and staff at a Peterborough primary school are celebrating after a good Ofsted report – 14 months after being rated as inadequate


Such great news to hear. We are very pleased to be in the background supporting all of their hard work and being one of the resources used by teachers to support and develop their children’s language learning.

Equally pleasing is seeing the head teacher talk about the benefits of supporting a bilingual education which is the start of the educational culture change which so many schools with our support are now embracing.


Head Christine Parker, 54, said: ‘More and more  of the world is  going bilingual. The culture at our school is not to see  bilingualism as  a difficulty.’

Today thanks to the summers improved SATS results where schools are achieving level 4 for all children including their EAL cohort, and these continuing stories of improved results the knowledge of how to use a child’s bilingualism to develop their English literacy and academic language faster hopefully will ensure this tide will continue to turn.

Many Schools all around the UK are now made up of children with a wider variety of languages as their first language and this schools list of spoken languages is not dissimilar to what you could find in any other UK town. Languages at Gladstone include

358 of the 440 pupils were raised speaking Punjabi Urdu, according to Department for Education figures.  Another 23 are fluent in Dari, which  is used  in Afghanistan, Iran and Tajikistan. There are 15 Lithuanians  and 11 Latvians,  while other languages include Portuguese, Polish,  Slovakian, Czech, Gujarati,  Russian, German, Pashto, French, Arabic and  four African dialects

For us this is great news as from this list we can support the school with Urdu, Lithuanian, Latvian, Portuguese, Polish, Slovakian, Czech, Gujarati, German, French and Arabic with our low cost  systems that teachers and members of the school community can access 24/7. Giving them and our other member schools the support they need when they need it.


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One comment on “Congratulations Gladstone Primary School

  1. ealhub says:

    Thanks for a very interesting post on a school that’s taking such a positive approach! I thought you might also be interested in our blog – a practitioner-focused research blog on all things EAL. Recent posts include recent (2013) research into the time taken to develop English proficiency and a post on the problems with end-of-courser assessments.

    It’s at – comments and contributions from the field are always very welcome!

    Thanks again for your blog.

    Rob (

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