Travel Industry slow to take up home grown, innovative, bespoke translation service

Further to our article in the A place in the sun online magazine  It is interesting that although we talked to lots of travel companies about the benefits of using our resources for a low cost.  Despite the ability to access it 24/7 7 days a week for one years membership or via the handheld again for 1 years membership the travel industry is still slow in taking up the offer instead preferring to stick to big named companies and translators. Whilst this is a great service and useful it doesn’t help when the interpreter/translator is not available, you only need help with a few sentences or you just need to reassure someone before the translator/interpreter is available.

This is true today as I see a news article in travel weekly heralding

A foreign language translation service for holidaymakers abroad with Thomson and First Choice is to be provided this year. 

For lone travellers the bespoke hand held translator that we have available putting you in control.


The reason this service is not any different from what we already know:

A third of British holidaymakers do not bring a phrase book when travelling abroad and nearly a fifth (18%) never try to speak the language.

When asked why they do not try to speak the local language, a quarter felt they were terrible at languages and nearly a fifth of people (18%) felt too embarrassed.

Nearly half of the 2,000 respondents questioned (47%) admitted that they would have difficulties making a restaurant reservation and more than a third (40%) would struggle to get directions or see a doctor.

Thomson and First Choice holiday experience director Ian Chapman said: “From the independent research we carried out, we know that our customers may experience language barriers whilst on holiday.



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