Reduce your translation/interpreting costs whilst increasing service levels

Congratulations to Douglas Paxton – the new Chief Constable of the Suffolk Constabulary.

What a week to start when translation and interpreters costs are once again in the media. Last year they exceeded their budget by £6,000 and over the past four years have spent over £840,000 of public money. Whilst I totally agree with their ethos that

the services are essential to ensure justice for victims of crime and fair treatment of suspects.

I do think its time to think outside the box and look for other alternatives to support the provision already in place which reduce costs but increase service level.

Using the EMASUK machine translation service they can achieve all of this and is similar to what hospitals, schools and businesses are already experiencing.  This service is putting them back in charge of their unique conversations and finances.

In Suffolk the most used languages needed were Polish, not unusual as I blogged a few weeks ago about this being the second language in the country followed by Lithuanian and Russian, again languages that can be provided for all officers in the station to use all day, every day at the touch of a button.

With so much that can be done whilst waiting for the interpreter/translator to arrive, and the ability to making their job easier on arrival and the officers jobs easier in the interim – why wouldn’t you choose this option?



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