EMAS UK launch their new multilingual Phrase Book at the Education Show

EMAS UK launch their new multilingual Phrase Book

The majority of UK schools have children that do not speak English as their home language in their cohort of pupils. They asked for help in supporting these children and talking with their parents. This caused a myriad of complication, not least of all, what language do you address them in? Translators are expensive commodities and need to be used wisely, besides, how do you know which language the children speak. If after solving all of these they then start in a classroom with their peers, the teacher has to ensure there is relevant work for them, guide them pastorally and academically, whilst building on prior learning and introducing new topics and then have to do the same for every other child.

At EMAS UK we developed an internet based tool that translates every day textual conversations into spoken words that both sides can understand. This is working exceptionally well throughout the UK and helps children become fluent in English more quickly. But the teacher still has to do the inputting of text. We created a phrase book that means a teacher can pre populate a personalised word bank for use in the lesson.

John Foxwell, founder and director of EMAS UK said ‘reducing the workload of teachers is important to us, as ex teachers we understand the pressures in the classroom. The talking translators and phrase book will allow teachers to be ready for the new curriculum by adding key words and statements for subjects such as literacy. We hope teachers understand the power they have in their hands to make a difference without having to spend hours creating new resources’.

The new PHRASE BOOK is a personalised word, statement and comment bank for teachers, administration staff and teaching assistants.  It is pre populated with common sayings or specific points to reduce the teacher time when teaching a whole class. This allows the teacher to teach every child the same, some just listen through the speaking avatar, while others listen to the teacher.

Don’t forget that good practise for one is also good practise for the many, so why not use the phrase book to support foreign language learning in the school.

£100 Voucher and Free Book


t the Education Show 2013 we are pleased to launch the PHRASE BOOK for the very first time and have included a discount for £100 to anyone that orders at the show. Also anyone visiting the Language Information Point can pick up a code to download a free bilingual games book.


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