“In an emergency situation it is invaluable, when even if you can get an interpreter it takes at least an hour and that is just too long. In those circumstances the online tool comes into its own.”

‘Communication with people who may not speak English or have limited English skills can become a barrier to receiving services like health care’ Brenda Zion, executive director of OneMorgan County in todays news article.

This is not necessarily the case with Clairetalk, as this innovative bespoke service allows healthcare officials, doctors, nurses and patients with their families are using it to discuss medical matters, primary care, support and appointment making.


The savings for one ward alone is that of four nurses or in excess of £100,000.

Here is an extract

Expectations and anticipated outcomes

The expectation was that while the online translation tool could be used in diverse situations, it may not be suitable for ‘sensitive’ conversations where a face-to-face interpreter would still be required.

It was anticipated the Women and Children’s Division might save 10-20% on the monthly Departmental spend on live interpreters.

What really happened?

Nurses quickly learnt the online translator was very easy to use in increasingly sensitive situations: for example obtaining consent for a Caesarean operation in the early hours of the morning; offering support and guidance to young mums and even consoling and advising those who had lost their baby. UHCW nurses still had the option of using a face to face interpreter when necessary but, increasingly found ClaireTalk met their needs – and those of their patients.

Throughout the trial and intensive use of ClaireTalk, Nurses feedback was used to develop and improve the tool’s capability and functionally to enable even easier communication between  staff  and patients.

ClaireTalk Online Translation Tool For example, staff working under pressure can make ‘typos’ so it is now easy to correct a statement or question containing an error without having to type it all over again. Staff can also ‘grab; commonly used statements and questions that are specific to their department from a customisable database

As for savings, the monthly spend has fallen by over 30% from the average bill. In the highest using department, costs have fallen by over 60%. Even greater savings are expected as use of the new facilities in ClaireTalk takes off.

Staff are so comfortable with the tools they use them readily; for many they are now embedded in everyday practice.


See more of the case study at  – http://www.dnmconsultancy.co.uk/casestudysummary/

to find out more contact David on 024 7601 61 62



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