Cost Savings Using EMAS UK Translation Services

Cost Savings Using EMAS UK Translation Services


EMAS UK saving time and money whilst maintaining a quality service

Unlimited Access, Anytime, Anywhere


Translation services cost the public facing industries over a billion pound each year. The Police Force alone spend over £25 million pound on translators. In a recent cost comparison to using their existing interpreters EMAS UK can save them in excess of 24% without degrading the quality of service.


Current language services have a variety of costs depending on the type of service, the quality of the interpreter and the languages needed. The variations not only relate to cost but also to time delays in finding the correct language or person, this can be up to 14 days.


For example

  • Telephone translator services charge a set up fee and then a per minute cost.
    • This can cost in excess of £1 a minute with a set number of minutes.
      • Average cost per conversation £20

Þ EMAS UK built into annual charge so no additional costs or surprises


  • Face to face translators charge an hourly fee with a minimum number of hours and travel costs.
    • This often has a minimum 3 hourly charge plus travel time.
      • Minimum visit cost £100 or £350 per day

Þ No travel charges, no minimum time available when needed 24/7


  • Email translators charge a per word charge for a document with a minimum charge.
    • A single document, 50% coverage of an A4 page will have a set cost.
      • Single document charges starting at £100

Þ No charge per word whether it is 1 or 1,000 it is always available anywhere it’s needed in seconds


The reality for anyone facing the general public is that they need a system that will work reliably and quickly, be available when needed and be cost efficient.


EMAS UK offer a computerised translation system that uses an electronically translator combined with a unique contextual engine to ensure that the message is as accurate as possible at all times.


It is estimated that within 3 years over 70% of all translations will be completed electronically.


EMAS UK offers a unique tool that will save money, save time, allow everyone regardless of language to be treated with respect and promote community cohesion through communication.


EMAS UK charges a single annual cost per establishment to help when setting and managing budgets.



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