Teacher training – teaching new concepts to bilingual and EAL leaners

Last week I enjoyed being back at school.  The school was in an area by an airport so can have a variety of different languages, in different classes at different times in the school cycle. What is great is that these factors are cause for celebration and the teachers go out of their way to support their children.

The training lasting all day showed them the EMASUK resources they have available, how this translates into the curriculum and supports their teaching and finally resource creation to support this terms learning.

What was great was to see all the tools and resources in action being used, in the way they were designed to support those who needed the support but also encouraging diversity and language learning for the whole school community.

I particularly loved the display board that they had previously created with this terms maths shapes on,  with less than half hours work became a trilingual display vibrant and rich with words in context to support all of the learners within the school.  The other display that caught my eye can be simply done yet helps in so many areas like reducing bullying, new arrivals gaining acceptance and a good piece of contextual geography.


Children of the World board.

Children of the World board.

Using a map and a picture of a generic child representing the five continents it clearly shows where the children within the community come from. To the side each year group had a shield and a hand drawn picture of themselves and the flags of the countries represented in their class. A really powerful image seen daily as everyone walks down the corridor.




Finally I wanted to share this resource created from scratch in an hour or less to support year 3 if I remember rightly… with a pre learning sheet to support their next topic work.

Pre-learning mat created during a training session.

Pre-learning mat created during a training session.

If you want to know more about the sessions from £495 per 3 hour session just contact at info@emasuk.com  or call 0845 009 4939.



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