Feedback – How we use EMASUK

 Thank you for this feedback from a school using our resources and tools. I particularly liked the suggestion about creating a bound book.

What do you do with the resources to support your customers, clients or pupils?

As an HLTA with responsibility for the EAL children within my school, I have found the EMASUK site to be an invaluable source of resources. The resources are bright and visual, and have been incredibly useful for teachers. I have been very glad to know that I can go to the site and find something to give staff when a new EAL child arrives, to prevent some of the panic felt by all!

The layout of the site is user-friendly, and the updated Resources section is easily accessible and usable. When laminated and bound into a book, the sheets become a lasting resource for a classroom, or to be passed to other colleagues when necessary.

The office staff have been impressed with the concept of Talking Tutor, and although they have not yet used it with parents, they are pleased to have it as an option.

Above all, I feel that the EMASUK site provides support to children and staff when they may be worried, and allows my school to do the best it can for new EAL children.


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