Court interpreter investigated after being heard ‘coaching a witness’

See this News Report @ –

The Tamil translator has been accused of egging on a grievous bodily harm witness before he resumed giving evidence at Ipswich Crown Court on April 30.

Translation services seem to be forever in the headlines especially when they go wrong.  How can you be sure and trust the tools, people and equipment that you use to support you in the translator/interpreter role?

EMASUK Two Can Talk and Claire Talk has a unique feature that allows you to reverse the translation enabling you to have trust in the words that you are communicating. Being able to use the talking technology can cut down on the cost of translation services allowing you to employ translators or interpreters to better suit your needs and requirements and to get the most out of their skills.

As above if the courts and the judicial service had used the talking technologies in initial interviews, communicating using I can Talk to when on the move they could hire the best and their trusted interpreters to ensure that our judicial system doesn’t become costly as well as greatly undermined.


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