Newcastle United’s French players could benefit from Terry to help them learn and practice English


Todays story about the Newcastle United players who use an interpreter seems really daft.  How can they be playing as a team if they cannot communicate well enough with their team mates to learn and understand the nuances that bind good teams together its not just the words but the tone, sound, speed and delivery as well as body language that their team mates will pick up on to know what is needed for that vital pass or goal.

The great thing about Terry aka Talking Tutor, is that these players can practice in the privacy of their own homes the words and phrases they would like to say, and then integrate better with their team mates. Additionally they have the personal benefits of making themselves feel part of the team as they must feel a little isolated and all for the price of less than them playing 30 seconds on the pitch. (based on their weekly wages).

To see more of this story which suggests the use of an interpreter made them lazy


Oliver Bernard believes Newcastle United’s French players got lazy by not learning the language sooner

Manager Alan Pardew revealed that he decided to ban any translators from the dressing room over the last two weeks of the season.

And he laid down the law to all the non-English speaking players at United when he told them that they must return for pre-season being able to communicate with all their team-mates.

The firm message from the club is that every single playershould speak English. It is a philosophy Bernard fully backs.

He said: “It’s vitally important that the French lads at Newcastle United speak and understand English.


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