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I was only saying yesterday that due to a problem we have had with some translators/interpreters recently i.e. they are not academically up to the level needed for schools to support children with the academic words and phrases they need, maybe the use of online tools and bespoke services like ClaireTalk, Talking Tutor and Two Can Talk will be increasingly used in all areas of society.  My thinking was that actually being aware that the translation rate is 95% plus makes us as teachers/business people and managers aware and look for the possible error, so rather than it being a negative it is actually positive for the people using the system. The alternative is if you put all of your faith and trust into a translator and cannot check if they use incorrect terms or words we believe the system is working until we get a nasty jolt.

It was therefore with interest that when this arrived in my email box today it seemed as though a message was being sent that maybe I was on the right lines. It appears that young people are using these technologies on a daily basis.

Online Tools Stats

Online Tools Stats

Any language teacher knows that online translation tools can be a double edged sword. The technology that enables students to quickly and easily look up a word or phrase can suddenly turn into a tool they use to try to translate entire papers for them. Double edged sword aside, online and mobile translation tools have come a long way, and are being used more than ever, especially with the availability of mobile technology. See some of the trends in online translation tools.

Online tool Users

Online tool Users

Did You Know?

  • 80% of users use a computer (as opposed to a mobile device) to use their translation tool
  • 60% of translation-seekers are female
  • 50% of users access online translation tools two times or more per week
  • 45% of translations are between 3-10 words

Users of Clairetalk, Terry  and Two Can Talk are already part of these statistics.

If you are interested in finding out more contact us via or 0845 009 4939.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


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