Jail for Chinese translator in Midlands

What a shocking story. Whilst children aged seventeen and over are charged excessively for tests as well as the range of tests that they now have to undergo just to pass, it is incredibly unfair that this situation had been allowed to happen because of the language barrier.


A Chinese translator who helped driving test candidates cheat on theory exams in a ‘serious fraud’ which helped him earn up to £100,000 has been jailed for a year.

There are now tools and resources on the market unlike ten or even five years ago, that the DSA could use to ask questions and with our unique Two Can Talk system you can also have  a two way conversation in the respective languages. This way any driving instructor or tester can ask a question in English and the translator speaks out in for example Mandarin.  The Mandarin candidate can then type in Mandarin and the answer will be said aloud and typed in English for the tester.

Thankfully it was found out but that took the police force and another translator as well as the  time and money to bring these charges all costly to the tax payer.

DSA officials became suspicious at the increased number of prospective drivers choosing to be represented by the 55-year-old interpreter as his client list expanded rapidly towards the end of 2011 and into 2012.

They appointed their own Mandarin language expert to assess audio recordings taken from 27 of his translations and found he repeatedly used the ‘shi’ prompt to steer candidates to the right answer.

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The news story in full can be found here:



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