News story – Translation software is breaking down language barriers

For those readers of this blog this story will come as no surprise.  You are already aware of the accessibility you have to languages you do not speak in order to communicate with colleagues, friends, business partners or customers.  This news article suggests that Machine translation is becoming critical to businesses faced with the challenge of providing information to customers, staff and partners in multiple languages and in near real time. We know this is a fact as daily people are asking to use our products to support them with this day to day and face to face situation from hospitals to schools and businesses.

The following comments have been made from this article in computer weekly.

Marcu believes businesses will always need perfect translations that only humans are capable of, but says the core challenge for businesses over the next five to ten years is in using technology to deliver information to customers, staff and partners in multiple languages and in near real time.

And for us at EMASUK this statement is so true. I have long said that if you are the person who has a customer, patient or child in front of you and your languages are not compatible how to do ensure communication? Add to this when it becomes life threatening or an emergency and both parties get very stressed. Using Talking Tutor, Two Can Talk or Claire Talk can support these times until an interpreter can be found supporting both parties and ensuring via communication the correct help is sought.

This article also suggests that:

Globalisation and the fact that customers and employees can be in all corners of the world means businesses have to communicate internally and externally in different languages.

“In 20 years’ time, learning a language will be for passion, not business,” said Marcu, referring to a future where businesses will use software to communicate with customers and colleagues who speak different languages.

What do you think?

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