Do we put too much trust in people we don’t really know?

Do we put too much trust in people we don’t really know?

Sometimes we place our total reliance on communication through individuals that have little or no more qualifications than having been born with parents that speak a second or different home language. Yet we are putting these people in places of great sensitivity with issues of security, medical understanding and levels of education far exceeding those of English speaking staff and we expect them to translate it accurately without first knowing that they understand the words themselves. Being able to speak a second language doesn’t mean that your level of education is any higher or your skills any better, it just means that you are able to talk and communicate.

With EMASUK talking tools you are able to take away the guesswork of what is being said, present it sensitively and with compassion, and make eye contact using the correct body language to show that you care, you understand, that its urgent, that sometimes there is no choice, but all the time you are in command.
With this happening it means that for the first time ever via our unique product every person is communicable to by professionals even in the darkest hours of their lives. This story is happening far too commonly in UK schools, hospitals, police forces and courts using on-line tools this can all be stopped, it can be checked and even if you use a translator for it it gives you that support and back up that you feel confident that they know what they are doing.
Last year we highlighted some of the concerns in the blog @

Find out how you can use this service with a Microsoft surface to support you in reducing costs but maintain a high level of customer satisfaction and service by contact Ewan on or call 07595 021 958.



How to cut your £140m bill for public sector translation – Simples

Cutting your public sector translation bill has never been easier.  If you want;

ü  access to translation 24/7

ü  to be in charge of the conversation

ü  access at the tip of your fingertips in an emergency

ü  a translation solution at a set cost with no hidden extras to enable easier budgeting

ü  If you want access to more than one language at a time

Be a LEADER and not a follower and save yourself costs associated with communicating with your customers, clients and patients.

The news story used as a starting point further goes on to say that…

Lincolnshire has seen a large number of migrant workers settle in the county in recent years – the majority from Eastern Europe. I met Juarate Matulioniene, a leading figure in Boston’s Lithuanian community. She told me that the majority of migrants wanted to learn English, but sometimes they needed a helping hand.

Ms Matulioniene said: “Translation is very important in an emergency, when we go to hospitals and when children go to school and they don’t know a word.”  – This is where our services can be used effectively reassuring both the customer and your members of staff.

Lincolnshire County Council spends £155,000 a year on translation services.  UKIP councillors have called for the programme to be scrapped and the money re-invested in frontline services.

For schools who need resources in Lithuanian we can offer a resource library with many curriculum resources inside, Text Tutor and  Books – Maths, Pip, Resource and Exam which can be found on the online bookstore. I searched for Lithuanian. Ask for a complete package special price.

Simply email or call 0845 009 4939.

A message from Bruce

Today we would like to introduce the newest member of our team Bruce who has written this message.

For the last 5 years, EMAS UK has been helping schools and hospitals communicate with people who do not speak English as a first language.

The world is in your hands.

The world is in your hands.

In 2014, in partnership with BM Consultancy, their award winning product is being launched into the private sector to assist solicitors, accountants, and other professionals in communicating with their non-English speaking clients in a cost effective manner.

What can EMAS UK do for you?

·         Personal, private and discrete

·         No waiting, instant communication

·         No expensive, lengthy telephone calls

·         Greatly reduces the need for expensive translators / interpreters

·         Communicate in 26 languages

·         Pre-populate commonly used phrases

·         Listen to the response in English

·         Securely save a transcription in pdf format

·         Print a copy of the conversation for the client

·         Peace of mind that your client has fully understood your advice

I am based in the South West, so please contact me to arrange for me to visit your offices to briefly explain how EMAS UK can help you and your clients.

Bruce Moss

Tel: 07500 008092


Court interpreter investigated after being heard ‘coaching a witness’

See this News Report @ –

The Tamil translator has been accused of egging on a grievous bodily harm witness before he resumed giving evidence at Ipswich Crown Court on April 30.

Translation services seem to be forever in the headlines especially when they go wrong.  How can you be sure and trust the tools, people and equipment that you use to support you in the translator/interpreter role?

EMASUK Two Can Talk and Claire Talk has a unique feature that allows you to reverse the translation enabling you to have trust in the words that you are communicating. Being able to use the talking technology can cut down on the cost of translation services allowing you to employ translators or interpreters to better suit your needs and requirements and to get the most out of their skills.

As above if the courts and the judicial service had used the talking technologies in initial interviews, communicating using I can Talk to when on the move they could hire the best and their trusted interpreters to ensure that our judicial system doesn’t become costly as well as greatly undermined.

Kind words of thanks – supporting Lithuanian, Portuguese, Polish and Korean on a daily basis

What  a lovely email that arrived in my inbox.

Thank you for the improvements to the Resources section on EMASUK – it is easy to access, and very useful. We had two Lithuanians, and two Portuguese arrive yesterday and a Polish and Korean girl today, so there is still a great need!

With the borders being opened in Europe schools, companies and hospitals could soon be asking for resources and support in Bulgarian and Romanian languages. Luckily with both languages we can offer this via text tutor our bespoke solution for creating your own flyers, leaflets, newsletters, letters etc to get the individualised message that you need to get across in your organisation.

As this article suggests there will not be a huge demand but nonetheless there will be a demand.

If you are the budget holder think about how your staff and yourself will feel when trying to communicate. Our customers and experiences tell us it is all to easy to experience frustration, self doubt and feeling of being out of control as well as not doing your best for the person. As the budget holder you can allay their fears by giving them a chance. Using Text tutor allows them 24/7 access to way of communicating with the customer, patient or parent and is especially convenient to start off the conversation whilst waiting for interpreters/translators to arrive.

This is the list of the current languages of England and Wales from the current census January 2013 it will be interesting to see how this will change in the next ten years.

:: English (English or Welsh if in Wales) 49,808,000 or 92.3% of the population

:: Polish 546,000 or 1%

:: Punjabi 273,000 or 0.5%

:: Urdu 269,000 or 0.5%

:: Bengali (with Sylheti and Chatgaya) 221,000 or 0.4%

:: Gujarati 213,000 or 0.4%

:: Arabic 159,000 or 0.3%

:: French 147,000 or 0.3%

:: All other Chinese (excludes Mandarin and Cantonese) 141,000 or 0.3%

:: Portuguese 133,000 or 0.2%

:: Spanish 120,000 or 0.2%

:: Tamil 101,000 or 0.2%

:: Turkish 99,000 or 0.2%

:: Italian 92,000 or 0.2%

:: Somali 86,000 or 0.2%

:: Lithuanian 85,000 or 0.2%

:: German 77,000 or 0.1%

:: Persian/Farsi 76,000 or 0.1%

:: Tagalog/Filipino 70,000 or 0.1%

:: Romanian 68,000 or 0.1%

The resources and tools available from EMASUK can support you in supporting your staff to feel supported, confident and in charge in managing these difficult situations where communication is a must.

Languages supported by Text Tutor

Chinese Simplified
Chinese Traditional
Haitian Creole

Silence in court when the interpreter does not turn up

With thanks to :

Now and then I have offered my opinion that HMCTS is treating magistrates as if they are unpaid employees.  The Senior Presiding Judge in collusion with a secretive committee of   bench chairmen and of course the usual suspects of the Magistrates` Association last August declared that blogging by magistrates should stop on pain of fire and brimstone raining down upon our heads.  It has long been apparent {to me at least} that the actions of the Ministry of Justice over the last decade point to  government`s  wish to reduce the function of J.P.s to that of local conciliatory practitioners in a system variously described as neighbourhood  or local justice thus leaving the lower courts to be presided over by professional single judges over whom of course there will be a much greater deal of control than can be effected over my colleagues and me simply because we are financially independent of government largesse.

It seems that efforts to stifle magistrates` opinions and bend them to the will of Whitehall go much deeper than previously suspected the catalyst for this revelation published  in Exarco being the almighty fiasco of interpreter services to the courts under the new contract with Capita plc.

It seems that hardly a week goes by without a confirmed story of corruption, ineptitude or cover up somewhere high up in a public service.  We might not yet be a banana republic but headlines of pregnant princesses cannot keep all the truth off the front pages.  Only kowtowing to Leveson and the totem of “the victim” will do that.

Is this really the best service we can offer in the UK? I think not just that people are not thinking outside the box properly. The tendering process defaults to those large companies many from overseas that can cut out UK firms. The cost of the trial just escalates and who pays for that  I guess it comes form the public purse rather than fining the company who have not provided the service adequately. Finally what about the victim and accused if they are innocent this dragging of heels does their self esteem amental health, nd mental health no favours.