In an emergency situation EMASUK is invaluable

Benefits of the talking tools in A and E.  As A and E’s begin to use this system the following statement is becoming a very familiar statement .

In an emergency situation the talking tools are invaluable.

The reasons being given by doctors and nurses for this include the;

  • ease of access
  • availability without extra cost at weekends and through the nights
  • availability of phrasebook for those sentences frequently used which also sped up the process of triage, general form filling in and information gathering.
  • waiting for a translator/interpreter can be too long but this is when the online tool comes into its own.

There are many challenges ahead of all healthcare providers including the new CCG’s,  if you would like us to be part of your solution contact John via email   or  phone  07525 323219.


Sharing how we use EMASUK 3

Further to our previous posts looking at how schools use the resources in their schools I have had this from Kim in Medway. The Head teacher contacted us a while ago when Artur  a Russian first language speaker joined their school, they were looking for tools and resources to support them in Arturs learning.  From there things have progressed and they have developed their provision for EAL students as we can see from the message below. They responded to my questions if they were still finding the resources useful and what they use the resources for.

We did indeed use EMAS to support Artur both before and after we employed a Russian speaking TA.  We do have three EAL support teachers now in our school as well as a Bulgarian business manager who speaks three languages but still use EMAS extensively to support class teachers when new children arrive and also to translate letters and notices.

To us it is a well used and valuable resource.

It is not just for Education though these same tools can be used throughout the business. Text Tutor can be used to create their business letters, flyers or email messages. Two Can Talk  and Claire Talk (NHS) can be used to talk to clients in their preferred language and the portable handheld I Can Talk To can be taken abroad for business trips, travelling for leisure or with clients I English speaking areas whose preferred language is not English.


We are always looking for things to share in our community as it can sometimes feel very isolated particularly if you are the only EAL teacher, or suddenly after extensive planning have a child or children arrive into your classroom or school and they subsequently need English language support. By sharing with each other we can all learn and between us promote good practice. If you have something to share please email me or use facebook and I will share with our readers.