Do we put too much trust in people we don’t really know?

Do we put too much trust in people we don’t really know?

Sometimes we place our total reliance on communication through individuals that have little or no more qualifications than having been born with parents that speak a second or different home language. Yet we are putting these people in places of great sensitivity with issues of security, medical understanding and levels of education far exceeding those of English speaking staff and we expect them to translate it accurately without first knowing that they understand the words themselves. Being able to speak a second language doesn’t mean that your level of education is any higher or your skills any better, it just means that you are able to talk and communicate.

With EMASUK talking tools you are able to take away the guesswork of what is being said, present it sensitively and with compassion, and make eye contact using the correct body language to show that you care, you understand, that its urgent, that sometimes there is no choice, but all the time you are in command.
With this happening it means that for the first time ever via our unique product every person is communicable to by professionals even in the darkest hours of their lives. This story is happening far too commonly in UK schools, hospitals, police forces and courts using on-line tools this can all be stopped, it can be checked and even if you use a translator for it it gives you that support and back up that you feel confident that they know what they are doing.
Last year we highlighted some of the concerns in the blog @

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Do you need a flexible translation service at your fingertips?

At EMASUK we are pleased to  offer flexibility to any organization. With our bespoke solution it offers you the opportunity to mix and match services to support your requirements.  From Terry and Claire to Text and two way communication and finally for those on the move the hand held version.

This set of solutions eliminates the need to schedule an interpreter, pay minimum fees associated with onsite interpreters and the costly expense of having other professionals waiting around for someone to show up in person to help facilitate a critical communication.”

Guide prices ( Web based solution accessible 24/7)

Terry (Talking Translator – price includes product training) £995 per year

Talking tablets  (Wireless, includes 20 languages) (twin pack) £995.00

Talking Tablets (3G and Wireless, 20 languages ) (twin Pack)  £1,750.00

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Cancer prognoses lost in translation – How ClaireTalk and Two Can Talk can help.

Today I have found a news item from Australia which I hope does not lessen peoples information about how sick they are. Titled Cancer prognoses lost in translation in Oncology news and written by David Brill it tells how they have researched and patients do not always get the full story infact the research shows that less than 50% of all translations were accurate enough.

What if you or your family member didn’t know how ill you were and didn’t follow up doctors appointments etc. it could be fatal. This research shows that it is  a possibility due to translators either I guess by sympathising and trying to be nice or just not having the cognitive academic skills and linguistical knowledge to deliver the information.

“I give a very detailed explanation of what I am doing and sometimes the conversation between the interpreter and the patient is so short that I wonder what has been said because they can’t possibly have communicated everything that I have just said.” nurse at Coventry hospital

By using Two Can Talk within Claire Talk health professionals can overcome this as they can communicate exactly what they need to say in this sensitive situation.  It is clear to them if the patient doesn’t understand and they can use appropriate words to get the information over rather than leaving it to a third party.

Sadly this story is all too similar to the story blogged recently where the patient had lost her baby and the nurse had explained what had happened, why it had happened and there was nothing that the mother could do and the translator just translated the baby is dead.  This proved to be distressing for both the mum and nurse weeks after the event…Its just not humane, what we need to do is ensure healthcare professionals get the tools they need to do their job particularly if they need dual language tools and systems to cope with communication with all of their patients.

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Healthcare professionals can find out more about this oncology story here.

Uncomfortable truths about patients’ cancer prognoses are getting lost in translation, with interpreters commonly “softening” or even “blocking” the doctor’s words, Australian research finds.
The in-depth analysis of consults with non-English speaking patients found 50% of prognostic information given by oncologists was altered when being translated, even by professional interpreters.
Just under one-quarter (23%) of information was never translated at all, while 27% was translated with the message subtly altered— typically making the outlook sound brighter than it really was.
“We found many examples of both professional and family interpreters changing the doctor’s message, usually to soften the news and occasionally to hide a poor prognosis completely,” the Sydney researchers said.