My child’s amazing bilingual abilities and skills are not valued, used or developed in English-only school

This was piece recently that I read in the Guardian what do you think?

My child’s amazing bilingual abilities and skills are not valued, used or developed in his English-only school.”

The Government can point to a growth in the number of bilingual primary schools as a result of its free school programme – there are French, German and Spanish schools in operation.

In addition, it is making languages compulsory from the age of seven in state primary schools for the first time ever from next September.

However, such actions are too little, Ms Gavrilova feels. “Our children are set to grow up in a world where their sense of normality is very different from ours,” says the brochure outlining its plans. “Their ability to adapt and adjust will be the difference between success and failure.

“It’s why the behemoth of the British education system is increasingly not the answer to our children’s needs.”

But what do you think?

I think schools delivering bilingual opportunities are valuing their learners and parents culture.  It from the first language that the second language is learnt and developed. It is only done much quicker than the traditional methods used as the young people brains are wired differently so they can translate easier and quicker across language using the technologies available to them to support their language acquisition. But what are your views?

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I was only saying yesterday that due to a problem we have had with some translators/interpreters recently i.e. they are not academically up to the level needed for schools to support children with the academic words and phrases they need, maybe the use of online tools and bespoke services like ClaireTalk, Talking Tutor and Two Can Talk will be increasingly used in all areas of society.  My thinking was that actually being aware that the translation rate is 95% plus makes us as teachers/business people and managers aware and look for the possible error, so rather than it being a negative it is actually positive for the people using the system. The alternative is if you put all of your faith and trust into a translator and cannot check if they use incorrect terms or words we believe the system is working until we get a nasty jolt.

It was therefore with interest that when this arrived in my email box today it seemed as though a message was being sent that maybe I was on the right lines. It appears that young people are using these technologies on a daily basis.

Online Tools Stats

Online Tools Stats

Any language teacher knows that online translation tools can be a double edged sword. The technology that enables students to quickly and easily look up a word or phrase can suddenly turn into a tool they use to try to translate entire papers for them. Double edged sword aside, online and mobile translation tools have come a long way, and are being used more than ever, especially with the availability of mobile technology. See some of the trends in online translation tools.

Online tool Users

Online tool Users

Did You Know?

  • 80% of users use a computer (as opposed to a mobile device) to use their translation tool
  • 60% of translation-seekers are female
  • 50% of users access online translation tools two times or more per week
  • 45% of translations are between 3-10 words

Users of Clairetalk, Terry  and Two Can Talk are already part of these statistics.

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Court interpreter investigated after being heard ‘coaching a witness’

See this News Report @ –

The Tamil translator has been accused of egging on a grievous bodily harm witness before he resumed giving evidence at Ipswich Crown Court on April 30.

Translation services seem to be forever in the headlines especially when they go wrong.  How can you be sure and trust the tools, people and equipment that you use to support you in the translator/interpreter role?

EMASUK Two Can Talk and Claire Talk has a unique feature that allows you to reverse the translation enabling you to have trust in the words that you are communicating. Being able to use the talking technology can cut down on the cost of translation services allowing you to employ translators or interpreters to better suit your needs and requirements and to get the most out of their skills.

As above if the courts and the judicial service had used the talking technologies in initial interviews, communicating using I can Talk to when on the move they could hire the best and their trusted interpreters to ensure that our judicial system doesn’t become costly as well as greatly undermined.

Feedback – How we use EMASUK

 Thank you for this feedback from a school using our resources and tools. I particularly liked the suggestion about creating a bound book.

What do you do with the resources to support your customers, clients or pupils?

As an HLTA with responsibility for the EAL children within my school, I have found the EMASUK site to be an invaluable source of resources. The resources are bright and visual, and have been incredibly useful for teachers. I have been very glad to know that I can go to the site and find something to give staff when a new EAL child arrives, to prevent some of the panic felt by all!

The layout of the site is user-friendly, and the updated Resources section is easily accessible and usable. When laminated and bound into a book, the sheets become a lasting resource for a classroom, or to be passed to other colleagues when necessary.

The office staff have been impressed with the concept of Talking Tutor, and although they have not yet used it with parents, they are pleased to have it as an option.

Above all, I feel that the EMASUK site provides support to children and staff when they may be worried, and allows my school to do the best it can for new EAL children.

Seamlessly reach out to people and become your own interpreter!




I Can Talk to supports you to be in charge of your own translation requirements because we have put the power of global communication in a bespoke electronic handheld product for you to use when you need a mobile device. Used by those who need a portable solution when visiting clients and customers it supports them by giving them access to over 20 languages in their hand for use when conversing with customers.

Languages include:  Arabic, Catalan, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, Galician, German, Greek, Hindi, Icelandic, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai and Turkish. These are some of the  world’s most dominant languages in global business, learning and tourism allowing you access wherever the internet is present.

This allows you to keep costs down whilst improving your businesses service and keeping you in charge of the conversation. For a cost of just £695 it makes sense to have one.

See more information and  a short video showing how it is used at

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Cost Savings Using EMAS UK Translation Services

Cost Savings Using EMAS UK Translation Services


EMAS UK saving time and money whilst maintaining a quality service

Unlimited Access, Anytime, Anywhere


Translation services cost the public facing industries over a billion pound each year. The Police Force alone spend over £25 million pound on translators. In a recent cost comparison to using their existing interpreters EMAS UK can save them in excess of 24% without degrading the quality of service.


Current language services have a variety of costs depending on the type of service, the quality of the interpreter and the languages needed. The variations not only relate to cost but also to time delays in finding the correct language or person, this can be up to 14 days.


For example

  • Telephone translator services charge a set up fee and then a per minute cost.
    • This can cost in excess of £1 a minute with a set number of minutes.
      • Average cost per conversation £20

Þ EMAS UK built into annual charge so no additional costs or surprises


  • Face to face translators charge an hourly fee with a minimum number of hours and travel costs.
    • This often has a minimum 3 hourly charge plus travel time.
      • Minimum visit cost £100 or £350 per day

Þ No travel charges, no minimum time available when needed 24/7


  • Email translators charge a per word charge for a document with a minimum charge.
    • A single document, 50% coverage of an A4 page will have a set cost.
      • Single document charges starting at £100

Þ No charge per word whether it is 1 or 1,000 it is always available anywhere it’s needed in seconds


The reality for anyone facing the general public is that they need a system that will work reliably and quickly, be available when needed and be cost efficient.


EMAS UK offer a computerised translation system that uses an electronically translator combined with a unique contextual engine to ensure that the message is as accurate as possible at all times.


It is estimated that within 3 years over 70% of all translations will be completed electronically.


EMAS UK offers a unique tool that will save money, save time, allow everyone regardless of language to be treated with respect and promote community cohesion through communication.


EMAS UK charges a single annual cost per establishment to help when setting and managing budgets.