Practical Ideas for using Talking Tutor

In the mailbag I found this today from a school in Newcastle.  I thought I would share it as they are reflecting on how they have used Talking Tutor in the past year.

Thank you for organising access to Talking Tutor.  We have found this facility to be extremely useful since we subscribed to your website lastyear.

We have a small number of students from a number of different European and Asian countries at our secondary school, some of whom are at the very early stage of English acquisition.  We have used your program to provide information leaflets about our school in a range of languages.  We have found this particularly useful for our constantly changing population of Roma students who need to understand our student support system.

Talking Tutor is used by our students in Sixth Form, especially our Polish students who are studying for a variety of A Level subjects including Polish.  One student,  who is studying A Level maths but has some difficulty with English, has found it especially useful.

My colleague, has been using the website to prepare ‘Welcome’programs and booklets for students who have just arrived at the school.

We have just started to upload welcome booklets to save you time. It just needs you to choose and use the pages which are most useful to you.  It includes school information (lots of different colours), uniform, lunch arrangements and payment. Find then under subject and then PSHE.

If you have similar solutions that you would like to share about ClaireTalk, Two Can Talk or the new app please contact me at