Grammar for Sweet tooth (Ch7) Adjective clauses

Grammar – Adjectives for Sweet Tooth story



1. Types and purpose

There are many ways to make an adjective clause. One of them is to use ‘that’ as a connector. Here is an example: ‘The book that I am reading now is about Edinburgh.’ The reason that we use an adjective clause is to give more information about a noun. In the example, the noun that we want to describe more is ‘The book’. The adjective clause helps to identify which book (among many) is being spoken about. In other words, it answers the question ‘which book?’.

If the adjective clause in this example is taken out, the sentence still makes sense: ‘The book (that I am reading now) is about Edinburgh.’ In other words, the main verb of the sentence is ‘is’.

2. Look at this extract from Sweet tooth (Ch7) and see if you can find the adjective clause in…

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