Instant Translation at the tip of your fingers

EMASUK has voice translating software that lets you communicate and understand other languages in real time. If like me you cannot speak many languages but you or your staff need to communicate with patients, clients or customers who speak Polish, Lithuanian, Romanian or any of the 20+ others, then this is a solution for you. It keeps you in charge of the conversation just like when talking to same language clients etc.

Many suggest the use of dictionaries but I have found them clunky and wasteful of time as well as stuttering the conversation. If we bear in mind that  language translation, especially when you take into consideration accents and local jargon, is never perfect,  with EMASUK tools you can understand and make yourself understood well enough using the  products to suit your needs 24/7 at an upfront  yearly cost.

For further information see or contact us on 0845 862 5400


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